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ProjectMQ: The Next Dimension in Entertainment!!!!
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ProjectMQ is the social community for indie game studios and fans worldwide. Gamers use ProjectMQ to discover the best new indie games!
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Game discovery is terribly broken, and a lack of quality standards in the gaming industry has flooded the market with poor games. This frustrates gamers that are trying to find and buy quality games. It also makes indie developers/studios struggle to build a social audience and sell their games; the average indie dev only made $500 of revenue in 2014.

ProjectMQ solves both problems, by building a global community of indie game advocates, and curating the best indie games from around the world. ProjectMQ is the top influencer for indie games on Twitter: We built an invitation-only app where our users can enjoy high-definition multimedia from the best indie games worldwide:
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Incredible indie games like Minecraft inspired my innovation of ProjectMQ. ProjectMQ is important because it connects gamers with indie developers, and has helped grow the global indie game community.
What was the motivation behind your innovation?
Our parents got us Super Mario Bros. 3 for Christmas when we were 6, and we’ve been playing video games ever since. Inspired by other social media sites like Facebook, IGN and Youtube, we decided to start(up) a gaming social media site called ProjectMQ.

As fellow life-long game enthusiasts and (aspiring) indie game developers, we are really passionate about helping indie devs. Indie devs have it tough, so we volunteer what resources we have to make them successful. In recent years, with the addition of low/no cost game dev tools and accessible distribution channels, it’s never been easier for anyone to learn game development. It’s clear to us that the future of gaming is indie, and we intend to support that future however we can.
How does your story bring the "Wow Factor"?
Marcus and Malcolm had invested all of their time and money into ProjectMQ, living on a college budget and working 70+ hour weeks for 3 years.

If you’ve ever tried to bootstrap your own company, then you know how stressful and difficult it is to essentially work two full-time jobs, so you can use the salary from the first to cover the expenses of the second.

It takes an incredible amount of faith and dedication to stay the course in the face of various setbacks. Working part-time, in just 12 months, they added nearly 300 indie studios to our site. Once they're able to focus on ProjectMQ full-time, it will quickly become a market leader.

They're looking for the right mentors to help them build "The Next Dimension In Entertainment"
Anything else you want to share?
Di-Ann Eisnor and Lupe Fiasco just selected ProjectMQ, out of 700+ startups nationwide, as a finalist for the Neighborhood Start Fund. Di-Ann is a Henry Crown Fellow, & board member for the Grey Area Foundation for the Arts. She's also the Head of Growth for Waze, the GPS navigation app acquired by Google in 2013.

Lupe is an entrepreneur, & a Grammy-winning performing artist. He's also a well-known competitive player of the "Street Fighter" video game franchise. The Neighborhood Start Fund is flying us up to Chicago the weekend of November 19th to pitch ProjectMQ live in the final round. We're honored for this amazing opportunity to present ProjectMQ!

Our site's still pre-alpha, and we're planning to launch our official alpha release this Spring. We share our exciting startup journey, new site features, and more on our ProjectMQ devlog: If you haven't seen it yet, check out our EPIC LAUNCH TRAILER:

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