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Double Temperature Duvet
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An invention that provides a better relationship for couples. How good is to sleep really together the loved one.
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This creation outside the scope of any incentive or award came from the identification of a physiological concept in humans. Here is the story of an invention that usually changes for the better the relationship between couples. Physical affection and the feeling of contact between bodies are the key that alters the relationship with the loved one. Is it possible to sleep together? Usually people do not sleep touching each other, but next to each other, with some space between both bodies. Why? Well, physiologically speaking it is very difficult to sleep with bodies entangled in each other because the man's thermal sensation is distinct from the woman's thermal sensation. Thus, one of the parts, the most equipped with muscular tissues (usually the man) feels heat and the part that has less muscular tissues (usually the woman) feels chilly even though the body temperature is practically the same. This difference of thermal sensations provides the separation of the bodies. As the man removes the Duvet, the woman curls up into it. And, why does this occur? Because greater amounts of muscles demand a greater peripheral blood irrigation. More powerful (muscle) motors need more fuel (oxygenated blood). Based on these findings I created a Double Temperature Duvet. On the "male" side of the bedspread, it is thinner, on the "feminine" side it is thicker. The man has only the feeling of being covered and the woman feels more warmed. The physical development of the creation succeeded without major problems after identification an industry that could produce a bedspread with these characteristics. The matelasse needlework of a duvet remains the same as the traditional ones as well as the raw materials used. In this way there were no major problems for its production. The invention patent was sought. The duvet was only distributed at this time in Brazil and when it was placed on the market in our country, the product was distributed with a printed folder inside the package requesting the response of the couples about changes in the relationship between them after using the product. The answers, almost all from the women, were grateful for the creation of the novelty. It can be said that the Double Temperature Duvet is a simple but very significant invention because it can positively changes the relationship between couples.
What is your innovation?
A Duvet with 2 Thicknesses. A thinner quilt for those who feel warmth and thicker for those who feel chilly.
Fill in the following one-sentence “mad lib”: A inspired my innovation of B; B is important because of C and has made D impact.
The observation that couples have distinct heat sensations and this leads them to sleep with separate bodies to each other, when it would be very pleasant to sleep united the loved one.
What was the motivation behind your innovation?
Discovering needs, developing solutions in the form of products and placing them on the market always generate profits.
How does your story bring the "Wow Factor"?
Increase the relationship between couples is the ´´wow factor´´

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