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1945 and now
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change ideology the world: famine and waste food
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change ideology the world: famine and waste food
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thông điệp ý nghĩa --Đừng bao giờ lãng phí thức ăn của bạn--.mp4
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this is not innovation, this is the truth, the truth of things helps us to live (water, food, air); but things help us to sustain life is sharing
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motivation behind innovation was the hope of tomorrow. daily, you are dining, partying, ... but do you think that one day you do not have anything to eat. no water to shower.
in the year when the famine was, rice does not grow by disease, French colonialist and Japanese fascists invaded part of the country, we eat both plants, dogs and cats, all the mice, ... When there is nothing to eat, we are just waiting for death to.
For almost half a year, we just skin and bones, while many corpses began to appear, and more. We lost 2 million people, half the population of the country at that time. Thanks to the "Vietnam MInh Front " lead people to people robbed granaries, so that those who live until the time it is a extraordinary.
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maybe you do not recognize, our food waste discarded every day seems very little. But if we include one district, one city, one state, the number is sure to make you not out of surprises.
1 American average to spend $ 2275 for food waste / year
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Besides, water is necessary elements to create food, no clean water in the future will mean lack of food

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