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The strange guy who had reinvented the day
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Dayology+daystartups = new application meant 2 alter chances 4 good coincidence & positive synchronism &2 minimize negative encounters.
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What is your innovation?
Dayology = an application not so different than Waze GPS, but instead of space it goes in time dimension. In fact you could call it time management Positioning System. You can have it on new generation Smartphones, or any other tablet device, gadget and the like.
It will take you through the day so that you'll have a good one, meaning this is the way to have a nice day application, not just as an empty blessing, but a real practical guide.
The moment you'll start to observe your days – they will start to act differently, change their behavior as you look and notice them. Daystart will upgrade your days, the general experience will be like Waze, only in time dimension so as to lead you each day towards the goal of having the good1.
Fill in the following one-sentence “mad lib”: A inspired my innovation of B; B is important because of C and has made D impact.
Once I had understood we lost control over our days - I realized the need for Dayology as a daystartup application to save us from being lost cases of time dimension & lead us towards real nice days
What was the motivation behind your innovation?
My motivation comes from the realization that we are in desperate need now for guidebook & mentor to get through our galaxy journey in time. This guide can't be another totalitarian leader, but rather something else - like a sophisticated smart watch that could save us time and create the right set of positive possibilities for our limited days. Personal time management is indeed the only field no one had ever taught us at school; we all learnt math and history, but remained ignorant on Dayology, We never learnt how to get control over our days and that is due to the fact that in this cultural-social system in which we live our days are rubbed from us ever since childhood. The days were long stolen from us and we got nothing in return.
How does your story bring the "Wow Factor"?
The wow factor is instantly produced once we realize the economy of the time of our lives The first principle of Dayology states that our time is invested in a limited # of days and those were stolen without us ever noticing this rubbery The G& Wow affect,is produced once you start noticing that you have no personal control over your days & very few left resources of quality time. You might sound like a wow-wow guitar the moment you understand there is not so much more time to lose.
The more hopeful wow will come from the insight regarding possibility of daystartups to lead you in time dimension so as to stop total lose of your days and to arrive at positive junctions of having a real nice time as an authentic upgraded life experience
Anything else you want to share?
Dayology daystartups application is anywhere on the spectrum between improving your ability to move around in a busy city – to book your turn in lines, hotels, restaurants, concerts. On the most basic level it will merge with smart home, smart fridge, stream of entertainment, but then it will move – to the ability to choose where would you like to hang around, to something much more sophisticated in the direction of the law of synchronicity,
Thus it will create and promote all those positive coincidences you might like to encounter. The moment we start to be attentive towards our own time life history - we create a positive change in the way we can produce the high quality time of our days - no longer allowing them to turn into constant nothingness
The more aware you get on Dayology, the higher consciousness you achieve with your dairy feedback – the better chances you get to start to ride on the wave of good synchronicity. It's like surfing over the right fine wave of having the nice day of our lives
Dayology = daystartups has to do with endless chains of formulas of time-space-information and awareness that constantly create junctions and crossroads of coincidentally.
In any given moment there are really endless possibilities, countless potentialities; some are average routine mediocre type of events, some are a bit better, a few are really exciting, like now when you read those lines.
The Dayology application, this daystartup is scanning time, so as to produce the have a nice day affect and create your serial good ones. And it keeps on improving itself as you use it, like it helps you find right places for you, brilliant people, scenes that might be right for you so as to make a continuity series of fun life sequences.
The Dayology daystartup application is all about preserving your days for real nice life experiences, saving your most precious moments so as not to spend them on stupid waiting lines and increasing your chances for enjoying life.

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