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My Childhood Poop Book
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I submitted my project to the NASA Poop Challenge. My system is designed to transfer and store stool, urine and menses in one system.
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What is your innovation?
I submitted my project to the NASA Poop Challenge. The system is designed to transfer and store stool, urine, and menses in one system. Solid stool is converted to liquid or semi-liquid stool by taking MiraLax (a safe and commonly used stool softener) by mouth. Adaptation of commercially available rectal Flexi-Seal (for patients with fecal incontinence) is inserted and sealed in the rectum, which prevents skin contact with stool. The liquid stool is transferred to storage via low powered suction system to collection. The system effectively contains and diverts fecal output, protects skin from fecal contamination, and reduces the risk of skin breakdown and infection.
Fill in the following one-sentence “mad lib”: A inspired my innovation of B; B is important because of C and has made D impact.
My childhood constipation experience inspired my innovation. My innovation is important because it protects the health and safety of astronauts and has made a inspiring impact on my education.
What was the motivation behind your innovation?
The pain that I had endured during my early childhood experiences with chronic constipation motivated me to help others, namely astronauts in spacesuits encountering similar issues. I hope to turn my childhood nightmare into a dream solution to help NASA to solve a peculiar yet crucial problem. In addition, I have had periodic exposure to a related field (gastroenterology) through observing my father carry out his work, in which I had garnered interest in. His knowledge of the digestive track and digestive devices and supplements aided my design process.
How does your story bring the "Wow Factor"?
My chronic childhood constipation is not one of the most popular topics in any common social interaction. However, it is an extremely common problem among children, causing millions to suffer a great deal of physical pain, emotional stress, and social embarrassment. And, as I have personal experience with such an issue, I can make an emotional bond with the solution of the issue and those who experience it. I believe that the unique circumstances of the challenge as well as my being able to relate to it brings my story to another level compared to those with generic or unoriginal goals and little emotional connection.
Anything else you want to share?
I am a freshman in high school and have always been very interested in biological science and engineering. Researching, evaluating various ideas, and brainstorming designs and solutions has been an excellent learning experience that I have never encountered throughout my high school studies. Despite this being a small, rudimentary step in the scientific career ahead of me, I believe that it will be a substantial leap forward in my campaign to one day be able to wear a NASA engineer badge to work. Outside of my interest field of biological science, I also enjoy learning about geography and mathematics. I run cross-country and play tennis for my school team.
The Incentive Challenge
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NASA Poop Challenge
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Fill in the following one-sentence “mad lib”: The A challenge sought submissions to B. I accomplished this goal through C.
The NASA Space Poop Challenge sought submissions to solve the issue of solid waste elimination for space astronauts. I accomplished this goal through prescribing astronauts laxatives and designing a waste direction and treatment device.
If you convinced someone at a cocktail party they should enter an incentive challenge, what would you say?
As I am merely fifteen years of age, I will assume that the question applies to social gatherings of any kind as opposed to only "cocktail parties." When convincing someone to enter an incentive challenge, I would ask of their greatest topic of interest, and relate that with a creative approach to a real-world problem; a certain incentive challenge. Also, I would explain that the word "incentive" is, after all, half of the name, and that rewards of generous monetary value are available.

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