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Infinite energy generator
short description
It is a device which can create energy without solar-power and it does not cause pollution it is also light so it can be easily carried.
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What is your innovation?
I have made a device which runs in magnetic power and can create a lot of energy without any harmful effect it's principal is that when a motor is rotate mechanically the it create energy.
Fill in the following one-sentence “mad lib”: A inspired my innovation of B; B is important because of C and has made D impact.
I was inspired while I was playing with my motor and suddenly a plan strict in my mind and I have developed a easily carry able generator which runs through magnetic power and create electric energy
What was the motivation behind your innovation?
My motivation behind my innovation is my mother , motor and lord Vishnu
How does your story bring the "Wow Factor"?
My story bring a the wow factor because it is a device which can be used in every part of the universe to generate current
Anything else you want to share?
You can contact me my number is +91 9614793841
The Incentive Challenge
Name of the incentive challenge related to your story.
My innovation
Fill in the following one-sentence “mad lib”: The A challenge sought submissions to B. I accomplished this goal through C.
Infinite energy
If you convinced someone at a cocktail party they should enter an incentive challenge, what would you say?

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