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Tulips for mom
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I just wanted mom to have a comfortable, hygienic pooping.
She is very old, can barely move herself and has to stay all time in bed.
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What is your innovation?
The fundamental of my concept is to create an (external) extension of the intestine, through which poop could be conducted to a disposable end collector. Similar principle should be used for pee. A sealed environment for conducting poop and pee is implemented by "attaching" an anatomical tube/collector made of soft silicone using hypoallergenic medical skin adhesive, strong enough, yet removable when needed. Poop is usually a thick paste, so it is softened by a spray of water or proper solution, in the anal region, to a quasi-liquid state that continues its journey to the disposable end collector. No mess, everything sealed, the spray washing the anal region for hygiene. A finishing drying airflow could be added.
Fill in the following one-sentence “mad lib”: A inspired my innovation of B; B is important because of C and has made D impact.
The suffering of my mom inspired my innovation of Tulip hygienic poop collector; this collector is important because it provides comfort and impacts the whole population of persons in such condition.
What was the motivation behind your innovation?
I really wanted my old mom a clean, hygienic solution.
I just wanted her to have a comfortable pooping.
The latest progress on hypoallergenic body adhesives and silicone had yielded products that make feasible this innovation become reality, so my feeling was that we are at the right time for it. When we strive to make things better, everything around us also tend to become better.
If creation can be paired with technology to make devices that help people, I want to do it.
How does your story bring the "Wow Factor"?
For long years past, my mom has raised me the way I am now.
For now I spend my time trying to help old mom in frail condition.
To provide a great idea for dealing with poop in space will help her as well.
My innovative ideas combine technologies, old and new, to create a new device, a better spacesuit potty. Unmanned, ready anytime, for the whole 6 days. Or more, maybe. No hassle, no mess, extremely hygienic.
A solution that should be made affordable and available to all in need.
Anything else you want to share?
Besides the technological advances and the NASA poop challenge, the increasing old population will demand a lot of human resources for their care, as made clear by the number of hits on a quick search on the Internet.
I would be extremely happy if my solution could be made affordable to help provide better caring for elderly people. A very small contribution? Yes. Really small. But definitely, one. Some examples of sites relating to growing elderly population:
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Space Poop Challenge
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The space poop challenge requested for a means to deal with astronaut poop while wearing a spacesuit. No hands.
My "Tulip" concept addresses the issue in the most hygienic way. Clean, no hands; can be used by elderly unable to clean themselves.
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