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As a Fire officer I want knowledge about fire fighting. As my job part Fire prevention, Fire fighting procedure and knowledge for students .
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My motto is all person should be aware about Fire and Fire Fighting.
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I inspired about fire fighting for school students, employee, teachers, local public.
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Fire can be destroy very short time. Fire prevention, uses of LPG for proper safety. If Fire can be made what can you do. If you can knowledge about Fire, also save human life,public property as well as nation property. Any person save human life from any incident that is the golden movement for this person and also god must be bless this person.
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Prevent fire
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Local news paper appreciate my performance.Also appreciate local public local administration for my performance on Fire Fighting, distribution of knowledge.
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Save life, save property from Fire Fighting knowledge.
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Not available.
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Fire Fighting
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Make your nation. If possible or chance save human life, do not turn back away. God not mercy.

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