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Circulation of waste through vacuum and suction of waste. Rinsing with water for effective cleanliness.
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What is your innovation?
Description of how waste(poop) can be removed from a space suit and rinsing of the specially designed underwear and body. To prevent infection and irritation.
Fill in the following one-sentence “mad lib”: A inspired my innovation of B; B is important because of C and has made D impact.
We all need too poop. When nature calls, nothing can overcome the urge.
What was the motivation behind your innovation?
My motivation was that i know the pain of sanitary towel rash. Besides, nobody helped me because they thought i was hoping for the impossible. I wanted to atleast try something on my own.
How does your story bring the "Wow Factor"?
It is cost effective, pracical, hygenic, does not require taking off the space suit...... and hey, I did it on my own!
Anything else you want to share?
No. Just nervous!
The Incentive Challenge
Name of the incentive challenge related to your story.
The space poop challenge.
Fill in the following one-sentence “mad lib”: The A challenge sought submissions to B. I accomplished this goal through C.
Poop is natural. Lets all poop in comfort regardless of, place and time.
If you convinced someone at a cocktail party they should enter an incentive challenge, what would you say?
You'll never know unless you try. Take risks and have confidence in yourself.

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