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BRAIN DIVERSITY - "Our Difference is our Genius"
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A SOCIAL MOVEMENT to advocate for acceptance in the uniqueness of our brains. Neurodiversity is a power for innovation and growth
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What is your innovation?
EDUCATIONAL SOCIAL MOVEMENT to navigate change & breakthrough in learning, especially in rigid old thinking. A new point of reference is to teach educators, parents, employers and learners about brain diversity. The vital first step is knowing how to IDENTIFY learning styles, then to create STRATEGIES to remove barriers to entry & DEVELOP safe, supportive environments where integration of difference can flourish and the power of neurodiversity is free to innovate. Our brains are as different as our fingerprints and DNA. This brain biodiversity and evolution is vital to survive and thrive as a humanity. Exploring and making discoveries about neurodiversity will create unlimited opportunities and careers that have not yet been thought of.
Fill in the following one-sentence “mad lib”: A inspired my innovation of B; B is important because of C and has made D impact.
The crippling experience of an unsuitable school system inspired me in rising to the challenge of SOLUTION SEEKER. Advocating for brain diversity will bring change and hope by unleashing its power
What was the motivation behind your innovation?
I found my motivation to emerge as an educational activist when I was in elementary school as it was then that I realized school was destroying my potential, my creativity, my ability to come up with different answers outside of the text book and was breaking my self confidence. Witnessing and hearing of many people who are struggling keeps motivating me to be resilient by moving ahead in the face of difficulty. Clearing a path for others to journey which has some of the struggle removed is my focused goal. This innovation for transformation and a new beginning has been born out of the struggle to exist, to thrive and a childhood dream. It is this motivation that propels my movement forward...with horns➰
How does your story bring the "Wow Factor"?
The WOW factor is simply that diversity is valuable and beautiful. An enriching element that should be appreciated as it brings the whole picture together and is the TRUE SUPER-HERO of my story. This flowering of a compassionate humanity serves to heal SOCIAL EXCLUSION

"A multi-dimentional process of progressive social rupture, detaching groups and individuals from social relations and institutions, preventing them from full participation in the normal, normatively prescribed activities of society in which they live" - incluso
Anything else you want to share?
In emerging countries or communities, incentive challenges are powerful. People in these landscapes are rising to challenges against all odds to have breakthroughs that will change their economic situations.
Having great opportunities to participate in a structure which people can access easily is key. The obstacle of language needs to be overcome and also limited resources. Economics shouldn't prevent connection. Most of the people in South Africa who can benefit from incentive challenges are only armed with a cell phone and use free wifi zones, as "pay as go" data is expensive.

This offers a great learning & networking environment, builds confidence & validates that ideas have potential, money can be used to fund other challenges or be used as startup capital. Offers to partner with winners in projects or to meet the heros of the industry that they are passionate about is also a super opportunity for growth.

Incentive challenges have the super power to change lives
The Incentive Challenge
Name of the incentive challenge related to your story.
Solution Seekers
Fill in the following one-sentence “mad lib”: The A challenge sought submissions to B. I accomplished this goal through C.
The Solution Seekers Challenge invited anyone regardless of age, race, gender, financial or academic status to come up with ideas on "how to revive the culture of learning"
If you convinced someone at a cocktail party they should enter an incentive challenge, what would you say?
I would promote the HeroX platform as it aligns with my values in that HeroX makes an effort to make entry accessible to people. This has been an off putting barrier for me in the past when trying to participate. I find the online setup helpful with guiding questions and the ability to load pictures. I would prefer to submit simple video clips directly to the platform. Support from forums and admins are beneficial. It inspires me with hope to see people from all over the world participating.

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