I'm sure everyone is working hard on their Model Treaty submissions, so I wanted to send along a reminder of what the judging criteria is. To maximize your points, your Model Treaty must effectively address each of these areas:


  • Compatibility (20 points). The Model Treaty is compatible with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to facilitate states’ achievement of the climate-change objectives set out in those instruments. The Model Treaty is also compatible with fundamental principles of property law. 
  • Efficacy (20 points). If adopted by states, the Model Treaty will lead to a significant increase in green investments related to climate change mitigation and adaptation. To this effect, the Model Treaty proposes incentives and protections that serve foreign investors’ needs and interests. The claimed efficacy of the proposed incentives and protections is supported by research and data.
  • Viability (20 points). The Model Treaty is likely to be adopted by states around the world. Adoption is likely because the Model Treaty serves the states’ needs and interests, facilitates the achievement of climate-change goals, and does not unduly restrict the states’ ability to legislate and regulate.
  • Universality (20 points). The Model Treaty appeals to the potentially diverging interests of states and investors in different parts of the world. Where necessary, the Model Treaty includes alternative provisions from which contracting states may select the most appropriate based on context and circumstances.
  • Enforceability (20 points). The Model Treaty is binding and enforceable. It contains an effective dispute resolution mechanism, through which both investors and states can bring claims related to the Treaty.

If you need any clarification, you can email the HeroX team at or post a new topic in the Forum.


Have a wonderful day!