Hello Teams,


The Phase 3 Flight Readiness Review form is now live and available for teams to begin looking at.

In order for Base11, the Safety Council, Spaceport America and the White Sands/FAA team to support a Space Challenge launch to the Karman line, significant resources must be focused on the review and approval processes. The most critical resource is the one we cannot control which is TIME.  

Flight Readiness Reviews require a fully integrated rocket.  Launch procedures, safety checks, recovery systems, tracking systems, essentially every system within the project must be finalized and ready for review. 


The Safety Council has set Friday, June 18th, 2021, as the final deadline for submitting video and data from a successful, full duration, full impulse hotfire test of the flight-ready engine.  Failure to complete engine testing before this deadline will result in the team no longer competing in the Space Challenge.