Thank you to all of the individuals who provided insights and feedback on how the competition can be adjusted to address the realities of the COVID-19 era. We understand that teams are unable to work together to build and test their rockets right now, and that it's unclear when work will resume.  Here are the adjustments we're making at this time:

  • The Phase 2 Report deadline is suspended until December of 2020. The Phase 2 Report template is being updated and will be released early summer.
  • Static Test Fire Report deadline is suspended until early 2021, after the Phase 2 Reports are submitted.
  • Beginning in May/June each team will host a virtual meeting with members of the Safety Council to present updates on their progress, ask questions and get feedback.  Additional details and a calendar to sign up for a virtual meeting time slot, will be made available in the next few weeks.
  • The May and December 2020 launch windows have been canceled. The May 2021 launch window is likely to be cancelled as well, although a final determination has not been made yet.

We hope you, your teammates, friends and families are staying healthy and safe, and managing to find innovative ways to be productive to advance your education and career goals at this time.