We're pushing back a few of the upcoming deadlines to ensure teams have sufficient time to integrate their learnings from the static test fire reports into upcoming deliverables. The Guidelines and Timeline have been updated to reflect these revised dates:

  • NEW deadline for the Phase 2 Reports is May 22, 2020.  This is a mandatory report. We are working on finalizing the requirements of the report to publish and share with the teams well ahead of the new deadline.  We will post an update when the submission form is available. The reports will be evaluated on a rolling basis as they come in, so you are welcome to submit prior to May 22 deadline.
  • NEW deadline for the Static Test Fire Reports is Sept. 1, 2020.  Please remember, this is an optional report, but there are $50,000 in cash prizes available for the winners.

Regarding the Static Test Fire Requests, the majority of teams have received feedback on their submissions, but a handful are still waiting for feedback. The Safety Council and evaluators from industry (Firefly, Blue Origin and SpaceX) are working diligently to provide the feedback to all of the teams. 

Thank you.