The  safety training that Safety Officers went through last fall is now available to all students as a free online course.

Click here to go to the Base 11 Space Challenge Safety Training.  To begin the online training course, you will need to create an account on the learning platform Thinkific. Please use your  .edu email address to register on Thinkific, so that we can verify training among the teams.

Remember that per the Safety Guidelines, all new team members are required to complete this training course. As team members complete the training, it should be recorded in the team's training log.  Members will also receive a confirmation email when they have completed all of the modules.  

Teams are not expected to have implemented this online training prior to Friday's Phase 2 Interim Report deadline, but  are strongly encouraged to implement it as soon as possible, and will be expected to have fully trained all team members by the March 2020 deadline. 

As a reminder, teams are encouraged to provide other relevant training to their members. For example, several teams participated in Tripoli  or other regional rocketry trainings over the past year. This online safety training should be viewed as just the beginning of your training process.  Conversely, this is a free online course available to anyone, so if you have other rocketry teams on your campus that would benefit from the training, they are welcome to take the course, as well.