The Phase 2 Interim Report submission form is now open at  The reports are due Friday, November 8 at 4:59 p.m. PST.  That's just 3 weeks away!

Are teams required to submit this interim report to stay in the competition?  Absolutely.

Is this report being judged?  Nope.

As you'll see from the submission form, the purpose of the Phase 2 Interim Report is for teams to provide:

  • The required periodic updates (team roster, new team member bios, safety log, video diaries, etc.). These are mostly files you should be updating regularly anyway.
  • Short answers to several  questions that will help us better understand your anticipated timetable for the competition and what roadblocks are holding you back.

We expect this to be a relatively straightforward interim report for teams. This is intentional.  We hope you're focusing more of your attention and energy on the Static Test Fire request which must be submitted by November 27. That's a mission-critical document, and more information about what to expect from that review process will be shared within the next two weeks.

If you have questions about the Phase 2 Interim Report, please post in the Forum, as always, so that others who have the same question can benefit.