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NASA taps into human potential by challenging creative minds globally with HeroX. But will it work for your organization?

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Keith Lynn
Manager at Advanced Electronics Research Laboratory, Lockheed Martin
Given the high stakes for submissions, the advice, support, structure and framework of HeroX proved to be very successful... With HeroX’s expertise, we were able to frame a challenge that was both compelling and relevant, drawing competitors from 59 countries.... The HeroX platform is very user friendly and a huge reason that the challenge was so successful, given that we had solvers from all over the world.
Kate Fox Wood
Campaign Director, Infrastructure Vision 2050,
Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)
Josh Everett
VP Strategic Partnerships & Innovation, Ameritas
Our experience with the HeroX team was extremely positive. There were times where flexibility was critical, their team took the approach of a true partnership. Working against tight timelines, collaborating virtually, operating in different time zones; any one of these points could have created challenges, not for this team. HeroX went the extra mile, which is a rarity for us in our past experiences in collaborating with other partners.
Ami Retamoza
COO, Corner Alliance
HeroX was a fantastic partner, providing not only a user-friendly online platform but also outstanding expertise and guidance in designing and executing our inaugural Echovation Challenge. We’re excited to work with them again!
Robin Wiegerink
CEO, American Society of Echocardiography

Get it right, the first time

Imagine if all of your future innovation projects could have a 90% success rate. Or, being able to produce results 3x faster for your team. Or, your organization having access to the world’s top talent, on-demand. How would your organization change if you could implement a repeatable framework to outwit and leapfrog competitors? What if your competitors accessed this framework first? Well, ask Blockbuster.

The solutions to your complex problems are not always inside your organization, but they do exist - in the crowd. We can show you how to harness the collective knowledge of the crowd and get meaningful results, simply and easily.

We’ve innovated the innovation process itself, specifically by bringing crowdsourcing to organizational challenges. Our partners include multinational corporations, government agencies, research divisions and aerospace technology companies.

Our platform has hosted the two biggest crowdsourcing challenges ever created - first was the Space Poop Challenge in partnership with NASA, and recently it was usurped by NASA’s most recent HeroX challenge: the Lunar Loo Challenge

But what if your problem is even more complex than space toilets - or not as clearly defined yet? Our team are experts at designing business problems into crowdsourcing challenges.

Examples of projects that our crowd has solved thousands of times over include:

Early-Stage Engineering Prototypes
Market Research and New Consumer Product Development
Non-Profit and Social Impact Engagement
Data Forecasting and Modelling
Education Reform and App Development
Software Modeling
New Product Design
Design and Content Creation
QA and Testing
HeroX makes implementing crowdsourcing simple and easy. With over 7 years of enterprise delivery through crowdsourcing, the HeroX platform provides a structure, process, and framework for completing projects from start to finish. Unlike other innovation systems or idea management platforms, we provide a complete solution. Bring your organization into the next era of innovation with the right crowdsourcing partner.


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