As a response to some of the comments we have received, we'd like to briefly explain who we are - just so that there are no misconceptions as to why we do as we do.

LEO Innovation Lab is the digital innovation unit owned fully by LEO Pharma. LEO Pharma is owned in full by the LEO Foundation, a self-governing judicial entity based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The foundation is fully independent from heirs, outside shareholders and other interests.

The practical upshot of this ownership structure is that all profits generated in the company are reinvested in the company’s endeavour to live out its mission of helping people achieve healthy skin – through extensive R&D as well as collaborations with universities and research groups throughout the world.
No one else has a take. 

In addition, the LEO Foundation supports international dermatological research projects and activities that address issues in disease understanding, disease treatment, disease awareness and patient wellbeing. In 2016, the foundation granted in excess of 15 MEUR globally.

We would be very interested in providing feedback to the top 3 submissions and to offer to set up a video conference/call to answer any questions you may still have. 

We are very sorry if this has caused misunderstandings in the past and we hope that with this explanation we have been able to clarify our intentions better. 

As always you can write directly to me –  if you have further questions ​

Kristian Hart-Hansen
CEO, LEO Innovation Lab