Dear innovators of the Skin Prediction Challenge,

Thank you for your patience during the judging process. We at LEO Innovation Lab would like to express our gratitude for the interest that has been shown in this innovation challenge! We thank everyone who has submitted a concept or a prototype and we have been inspired by the creativity and diversity of the solutions submitted. Indeed both are central in the pursuit of a flare-up prediction capability.

Last year in LEO Innovation Lab we decided to crowdsource a solution to a difficult and ambitious challenge, that if solved would help the millions of people living with psoriasis. Knowing this we were also willing to award such solution properly. 

Unfortunately, we did not receive any prototypes that fully met the submission criteria or sufficiently satisfied the judging criteria. Nevertheless, we received a number of very interesting prototypes and solutions, that may be on the path to a future prediction capability. With most of them being hardware oriented we have been reaching out to partners for consultation during the judging process. The judging panel has also met numerous times to discuss the solutions and it has been a difficult decision to make. In conclusion, we have decided not to move further with any of the solutions submitted.

We thank all innovators for their contributions and hope that we will come to sponsor similar initiatives in the future!

Kristian Hart-Hansen
CEO, LEO Innovation Lab