Excitement, Enablement and Executional services for People Driven Innovation
Services 3

Inspiring management teams and creating awareness via engaging keynotes or sharing stories at (online) conferences.

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Culture Change
  • Organizing for Innovation
  • Amdexterity
  • Bottom-up Innovation
  • As Speaker, Panellist or Workshop host

Equipping innovators and innovation teams with the tools, skills, and know-how on managing and executing innovation.

  • Idea & Innovation Management Training
  • Campaign Planning & Execution
  • Online Collaboration & Idea Development
  • Prototyping Workshops
  • Communications & Promotion
  • Recognition
  • Measuring Innovation Activity & Impact

Taking various efforts from your hands as an interim role and/or to allow learning on the job.

  • Interview Campaign Sponsors
  • Perform Campaign Management
  • Organize evaluation and decision-making sessions
  • Design & produce communication, promotional and recognition materials
  • Facilitate Workshops & Events
  • Run Brainstorms, Prototyping sessions or Hackatons
  • Moderate Conferences or Pitch events