Austin Resource Recovery had a 3rd-party testing laboratory perform analysis on stillage from Still Austin Whiskey after concern about possible high concentrations of copper within the stillage. Results of the testing are available in the "Resources" tab. The presence of copper does not mean the material cannot be reused. Competitors should be mindful of the presence of copper in the material and consult the appropriate authorities in order to ensure that the end use and disposal of waste or byproduct of the material complies with environmental and health standards.

An example of a use requirement is a  Land Application Permit at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) (Form 10411 and Form 10055). Additional sources of requirements, depending on desired future use, are available from the Texas Department of Agriculture and Texas Department of Health and Human Services. Technical experts are available at the applicable regulating agency to assist you with your reuse plans.

Please if you have any questions or concerns.