Hello Competitors,

You're in the final stretch! As you push through this last week of idea refinement before you submit, keep in mind the rewards that await. On top of the cash prizes of $7,500-$12,500 for each winner, both award winners will receive ongoing guidance and support from local experts.

Both winners will receive a coaching session from Assemble to make progress on a current challenge, learn something new, and get a sense of how you could better design collaboration with your team. 

Both winners will also be able to sit down with a loan officer at American Bank to review financials and understand what the winner would need to do in order to be bankable. 

In addition, the Seed Stage winner will receive a two free small business skills classes from the City of Austin Small Business Program. And once they are ready to promote their new business, the Seed Stage winner can take advantage of a $250 promotional materials package from BuildASign.

Learn more about all the prizes available at reversepitch.org/prizes

Good luck!