short description
We are going to recycle the vinyl record by making phone cases.We will mold the vinyl and clean up the product and sell it for a good price.
Please describe your business idea and the overall impact it would have on the Austin community.
It would help by preventing the melting process of vinyl. Every time vinyl is melted a toxic fume is released into the air, and with our product we plan on stopping that. Resulting in cleaner air for Austin.
Which [Re]Verse Pitch Material Supplier byproducts would your business repurpose?
Vinyl records from Gold Rush Vinyl.
What makes your proposed business model viable?
Everyone has a phone, and our product is easy, fast and cheap to make. Our product is more cost efficient than other phone cases.
How scalable is your proposed business model?
Everyone has a phone, and everyone could use a phone case. There are over 6,000 pounds of waste a month and it could all be re-used.
What funding will be required to fully implement, and then scale your idea? What funding do you plan to seek (beyond Reverse Pitch funds), and what will make your idea attractive those funding sources?
In our incubator class we have a chance to propose our pitch and ask for more money. This is how we plan on getting some for money to get funded.
Describe your team and how your experience relates to your ability to execute your business plan.
My partner and I are part of the incubator class in Crockett High School. The class teaches us every step into making a business and I feel like we have the right first steps into making a company.
How will your business impact the Austin economy? Include the quantity and quality of jobs that the business would create and how the business would support other Austin businesses.
If we get funded, we could expand and hire people to start making cases and selling the cases. We could also work with other vinyl companies and save them money by recycling their scraps.
Please describe the overall environmental and zero waste impact of the operation, including whether the product design allows for the material to be diverted to its highest and best use at the end of the product’s life.
It is dangerous to melt vinyl and it has to be done very carefully. So most of it ends up in landfills, our idea will use most of the vinyl and turn it into phone cases.

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