Nature's Recycler
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Prevent food waste from entering landfills, Black soldier fly larvae consume organic waste, converting them to animal feed and produce soil.
Please describe your business idea and the overall impact it would have on the Austin community.
Evo Conversion Systems,LLC has a lab located in College Station, TX and have developed a system to become a large-scale,sustainable, insect-farming operation that produces black soldier fly larvae from pre-consumer food waste, as a renewable resource of nutrients for animals in agricultural production. This product is call Popworms! PopWorms! are dried black soldier fly larvae that are fed a standard diet to ensure we provide a product that is consistently high in protein and fat. Insects such as black soldier fly larvae are a natural part of the diet of many birds, including chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl, parrots and parakeets! PopWorms! contain 46.6% protein, 25.4% fat, 2.4% calcium, and 0.93% phosphorus. Provide your pet with a nutritious snack they're sure to love. Securing pre-consumer food waste before it reaches the landfills or composting centers insures alternative solutions to global issues of methane and carbon dioxide emissions generated from pre-consumer waste, natural and economic resource usage, and inefficiencies in the food supply chain.
EVO Conversion Systems team is comprised of the world experts in mass production of black soldier fly in a conditioned environment, using food waste. Harvested larvae are processed into high value protein animal feed as a sustainable alternative to costly and resource-intensive ingredients such as fishmeal and can be used for biodiesel production. Furthermore, the larval digestateis a natural fertilizer that is used in organic crop production. EVO is solving these two global problems (managing food waste and producing animal feed to support a growing human population and increasing food demand) with its innovative technology,thus securing the future of the world’s food supply by closing the loop on food waste.
Which [Re]Verse Pitch Material Supplier byproducts would your business repurpose?
Distillers waste is ideal for BSFL breeding, BSFL can digest organic waste and convert it into food supply and create another by product such as soil.
What makes your proposed business model viable?
EVO Conversion Systems has been succesfully selling dried BSFL since July 2017 and increasing sales and demand for this product shows that the interest is growing.
How scalable is your proposed business model?
EVO Conversion Systems has been approved for a DARPA grant that is allowing BSFL commercialization growth in College Station, TX. With Austin establishing food waste programs, this business will succeed hand in hand with the same goals in mind on food waste.
What funding will be required to fully implement, and then scale your idea? What funding do you plan to seek (beyond Reverse Pitch funds), and what will make your idea attractive those funding sources?
EVO Conversion Systems, LLC will need 2.5 million to establish a location that can process up to 10 tons of food waste per month turning this food waste into 1 ton of dried BFSL larvae.
Describe your team and how your experience relates to your ability to execute your business plan.
CEO, Monica De La Rosa has over 19 years of technical and business experience and finding creative ways to not waste food. Dr. Jeffery Tomberlin has over 19 years of experience with mass production of the black soldier fly. Dr. Tomberlin is considered the global leader in black soldier fly research focused on industrialization of this species for black soldier fly production and waste management and production. Dr. Heather R. Jordan received her Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee Department of Microbiology, and is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Mississippi State University. Her research focuses on microbial response in dynamic environments. Dr. Jonathan A. Cammack has been involved with insect rearing and production, specializing in flies, for over 10 years. He has conducted coursework in insect rearing, has extensive experience establishing and maintaining insect colonies, and with conducting research on flies that consume decomposing organic matter.Spring Yang has experience of breeding fly larvae since his age of 15 years, and has been specialized in black soldier fly production since 2013.
How will your business impact the Austin economy? Include the quantity and quality of jobs that the business would create and how the business would support other Austin businesses.
Austin's food diversion program is ideal for our business as our BSFL breeding technology will allow growth in several departments such as food waste, lab technicians for breeding and warehouse positions.
Please describe the overall environmental and zero waste impact of the operation, including whether the product design allows for the material to be diverted to its highest and best use at the end of the product’s life.
Our product would allow for the full amount of the waste to be accepted as is with it's water content and waste content. We are researching the latest findings on the level of copper.

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