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Airbus' Metaverse and the Future of Flight
Help Airbus imagine the travel experience of the future through the use of the metaverse!

5 months



Arts & Design Engineering Technology
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The Autism Employment Connector Challenge
Increase accessibility for autistic job seekers to find employment and navigate the application process to connect with employers.

4 months



Education Non-Profit & Social Impact Technology
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Monitoring Electrical Cable Challenge
Solutions for monitoring the health of Paper-insulated and Solid Dielectric based cables for underground electrical networks

3 months



Energy, Environment & Resources Infrastructure Technology
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Flexible Pipes Lifecycle Challenge
Figuring out how Australia's Oil and Gas Industry might repurpose flexible pipes from depleted fields to reduce waste and emissions.

7 months



Data Science Engineering Technology
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ARSX2021 - Harvest for a Healthier Future
Ready to be an agent for change? ARSX2021 is the first step to developing healthy harvests. You can win $100,000 to test out your idea.

4 months



Energy, Environment & Resources Science Technology
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Help America Vote Challenge
Over 65% of Americans participated in the recent election. Share your ideas to maintain or even increase voter turnout at future elections.

7 months



Government Non-Profit & Social Impact
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