Dear innovators of the Relieve Itch Challenge,

First of all, LEO Innovation Lab would like to express our gratitude for the interest that has been shown in this innovation challenge. We would like to thank everyone who has submitted a concept or a prototype and we have been inspired by the creativity and diversity of the solutions submitted. Since no effective non-medical solution currently exists on the market, creativity is indeed central in the pursuit of helping people with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis-related itch. 
Last year in LEO Innovation Lab we decided to crowdsource a solution to the problem of itch. We had not yet been able to tackle the problem ourselves or had seen solutions out there that did. Indeed, the Relieve Itch challenge was and is a difficult problem to address which is why we turned our focus to the power of the crowd. Unfortunately, we did not receive any prototypes that fully met the submission criteria or sufficiently satisfied the judging criteria. 
One solution however did gain our interest and we have therefore decided to grant Valdemar Østergaard and his team (ADUVET) $5000 to support the further development of their prototype the "ADUVET". LEO Innovation Lab will also offer guidance to the team and try to support them in their efforts of creating a commercial product. We hope that by supporting the ADUVET team we aid in creating a new solution that improves the quality of life for people with a chronic skin condition. 

We thank all innovators for their contributions and hope that we will come to sponsor similar initiatives in the future.
Kristian Hart-Hansen
CEO, LEO Innovation Lab