DATA CONTRIBUTION WINNER: Myanmar Tourism Data 2007-2015
brief description
Submitted by Christopher Sugai

The data is from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, run the by Myanmar Government.
key insights
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additional information
The data is insightful in a 'real world' context at a much higher geographical resolution than most other datasets (region). Not only do increasing numbers of hotels and tourists indicate increasing accessibility, but an increasing cashflow, infrastructure, and of course most importantly for this challenge, increasing demand for electricity.

Tourism has produced whole new economies in very isolated areas (e.g. Waikiki, Hawaii in general, Maldives, etc.). Data from each town from 2007-2015 also illustrate growth at high resolution, and tourism methods of building infrastructure (raw material import, etc.) from airports, etc. that are easily gathered from Google Maps will lend themselves to adaption into methods of commercial development. Foreign investment in complexes also may imply infrastructure already being built, which could work in the favor of developers that want to work with their future customers, or could defray some of the cost of infrastructure development from scratch.