Coconut shell Bowls for packaged food
short description
My idea is using coconut shell instead of plastic bowls as coconut shell is a cheap, easily available,and 100% natural product.
My solution is using coconut shell to package the food item instead of plastic bowls.
There is plastic bowls and pouches every where now a days for packaged food like Icecream,Gem,Curd, processed food, sausage, and Many more .the plastic bowls also being used as a disposable item or single use and threating climate.
expected to benefit the global thin wall plastic containers market in the long run. the global thin wall plastic containers market is expected to witness a CAGR of 5.5% from 2017 to 2027. The market was worth US$ 26,294.4 Mn in 2017 and has been projected to rise to a valuation of US$ 44,981.5 Mn by 2027.
It is a very vast market size.
It will work same as plastic bowls.
The product is in final stage.
I have done some work and even I myself use these bowls instead of plastic bowls for food packaging and food table.
We can use metallic or paper kids to cover this coconut shell bowl for packaged food and if we use it as a disposable then there is no need of covering it.
This product will be suitable for "Resource Evolution" track.
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I want to work with like minded people who works well and have passion to achieve the goals.
My interest in passion as it is a key of success.
If there is any startup or company which want to work with me then it will be a welcome step.
Innovativeness of Approach
The proposed solution is differ as it is 100%natural product.
The product can be used several times .but it will depend on the customer.
It is washable.
The important point is it is very cheap.
The cost of this product will be only $ 0.022 / piece
It will be also support low income people.
It will connect the people directly with nature.
It is strong and durable and lightweight.
The weight of each Bowl is depend on the diameter of the bowl.
The average weight of each Bowl will be only 30 gram.
It will be light weight product, though the plastic container is more light weight than the coconut shell but we will have to neglect this point in terms of comparing with plastic bowls as the coconut shell has own it's specific properties.
For example it is not flexible so can hold the impacts at the time of delivery or is puncture proof and strong enough.
The food in coconut shell will be preserved like food in plastic bowls or container as we can air tight the coconut shell using metallic lids or paper lids.
There are metallic lids available in the market to cover this coconut shell and will work to made it a natural product.
The main point is taste of food.
As this is a natural product so the taste of food will be not contaminated.
Even we can serve the hot food immediately and there is no concern regarding chemical toxin like plastic bowls.
Even the customer will get a natural taste.
It is washable.
Yes,it is a washable product and can be used many times like plastic bowls but it will be completely depend on customer that if he want to use it only one time or multiple times.
This coconut shell can be used multiple times and washable as it is sufficient strong like steel bowls.
[Quality of Solution]
The solution is based on my own experience as I myself use this product so there is no doubts regarding the feasibility of this product in the market.
I use this product myself and it works very well.
Yes this product will work to eliminate the plastic bowls as it is gift from mother nature to the human as it has all quality to become a successful eco-friendly products to replace the plastic bowls.
There will be no need of heavy machinery to implement this idea or launch this product in the market as it is simple but unique proposal.
There will be just need of a cutting and smoothing machine.
We can launch this product in the market in different colours and sizes.
I have 100+ innovative ideas regarding almost every field of engineering.
I have very good knowledge of marketing and very good understanding of mechanical systems as well as can read customer's mind.
To generate revenue with this product will be not a big deal for me as I know that people will buy this product extensively.