Plastic Fuel save our Planet
short description
Plastic Fuel is made from a mixture of any types of plastic waste. It is used as fuel in Power Plant & a substitute of Coal,Gas&Electricity.
1. Our Solution is to convert all types of plastic waste into One Unified Plastic product. I named it as Plastic Fuel (PF). It is used as fuel in Power Plant, Steel Melting Plant & Kiln Firing. It can be used as a substitute of Coal, Gas, Electricity or other fuel sources. PF can be applied to mix with coal. For example, The Power Plant which is generated by a mixture of 50% of Plastic Fuel (PF) and 50% of coal as fuel, or any other composition.

The origin of Plastic is made from oil base. It is flammable. Plastic Fuel (PF) is made from a mixture of any types of plastic waste.

All types of plastic waste are includes:
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE or PET)
Polyethylene (PE) / HDPE / LDPE
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Polypropylene (PP)
Polystyrene (PS)
Polylactic Acid (PLA)
Polycarbonate (PC)
Acrylic (PMMA)
Acetal (Polyoxymethylene, POM)
Nylon (PA)
ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Others / Other plastics.

Process from A to Z steps:
All types of Plastic waste are collected into One Unified Plastic bin (one bin for all types of plastic). Then, it is crushed, melted and formed into a finished product (Plastic Fuel, in the form of granule). Just like the shape of Plastic Resin granule.

(Raw Materials)--------------------> (Processed)----------> (Product)------------------> (Suppliers)-----> Users
All types collected plastic waste--> Crushed & Melted---> Plastic Fuel (PF) granule--> PF Sellers------> Power Plant

Local Solution Globally:
The plastic waste are collected locally by waste management who government-operated. The plastic waste can be recycled by crushing and melting it into Plastic Fuel granule. Then, Plastic Fuel is distributed by PF Sellers / Suppliers to the final users (Power Plant and others). The waste management can do the recycling / up-cycling of plastic waste into Plastic Fuel by investing the recycling machinery such as Plastic Crusher, Plastic Melting, Plastic granule forming machine and other machines needed.

Nationally and Internationally Solution:
I suggest Plastic Fuel (PF) is acceptable globally / Internationally as a trading commodity and a public listed commodity in the Stock Exchange. Any country can export for their excess supply of PF to the other countries and import PF for fulfilling their countries demand. By doing this, it is allowed the physical product of Plastic Fuel to move from one country to another country.

As Plastic Fuel, its status is upgraded. Plastic Fuel (PF) is treated as one of the energy product (World Standard). It is no longer a Plastic Scrap / Plastic waste anymore.

2. Plastic Fuel Solution is still at Idea stage.

3. Plastic Fuel Solution can be applied on and fit in all of 3 tracks (SKIP, RESOURCE EVOLUTION and 7)
For Track SKIP, the collecting of plastic waste can be created, implemented and operated uniquely by an individual / a group / a community. It can be tailor-made, low and high-tech ecosystems of solutions capable of creating jobs and contribute to overcoming their problems of poverty and low income.
Intellectual Property Agreement
- Innovator Shares IP: Innovator will retain all intellectual property rights AND will license the intellectual property to the Sponsor for their own use. / Innovador Comparte la PI: Innovador retendrá todos los derechos de propiedad intelectual Y otorgará la licencia de la propiedad intelectual al Organizador para su propio uso.
1. Material Scientist (Specialized in Plastic and Fuel)
2. Chemical Scientist
3. Mechanical Engineer
4. Computer Engineer

Any Collaboration with the above Scientist and Engineer are possibly able to improve, increase the efficiency & productivity and maximize the quality of our Plastic Fuel.

Some Indication how to:
- Create an excellent apps for controlling, monitoring, collecting from A to Z steps.
- Analyse and determine how to improve the quality of Plastic Fuel.
- Design some excellent & smart designs of One Unified Plastic Bin for a globally use / one plastic bin for World wide use and its ecosystem.
Team Name
Captain: Mr. Junaiedy
Innovativeness of Approach
Our proposed solution (Plastic Fuel) is totally different from the existing solutions addressing this problem. Plastic Fuel solution is the most innovative or novel solution addressing this problem.

Plastic Fuel solution is the simplest way, the innovative way, the novel way and the most efficient way to solve plastic waste problems on our planet.

There are some major differences from the existing solutions, as below:
Plastic Fuel solution skips many processing steps such as sorting step, recycling steps into diversified recycled products and up-cycled products, etc. Sorting every type of plastic waste is one of the most inefficiency step (high level of time consuming, high laboring cost / required a huge capital / high investment cost such as an implementation of a hi-tech automatic sorting system of each type of plastic waste / classifying all plastic types, etc).

The advantages of this innovative & novel of Plastic Fuel solution are:
1. Every piece of plastic waste is converted into Plastic Fuel.
2. There is zero waste.
3. 100% maximized utilization of the Plastic waste.
4. Plastic Fuel solution eliminates all of the complicated processing methods which is currently implemented by the existing solutions.
5. The simplest method of processing the recycling/up-cycling of the plastic waste.
6. High value of finished products.
[Quality of Solution]
Based on Qualitative Solution analysis, Plastic Fuel solution is one of the best solution for plastic waste. The quality level of Plastic Fuel solution is considered as High Distinction.

Originally, the Plastic is made from oil base. It is perfect characteristic to be used as fuel. Oil is flammable and easily burned out.

In reality, the plastic waste has very little residual value and become a big problem to our environment. If Plastic Fuel solution is actually implemented in the real world, we can see every piece of plastic waste (almost zero residual value) converted into Plastic Fuel granule (Fuel product or high value of energy product). The world and all of its ecosystems & living things will have a lot of benefits of it. Most of big problems of plastic waste are solved and at the same time the energy sources are increased and improved. Quality of Plastic Fuel solution is absolutely good.

Whenever we converted the plastic waste into Plastic Fuel, the Plastic Fuel itself automatically becomes valuable product. Plastic Fuel solution has a good impact to our environment. The plastic waste is no longer a problem anymore. The problem is reduced and soon or later will be eliminated if we keep doing this Plastic Fuel solution and keep improving and upgrading the solutions continuously.

The quality of Plastic Fuel solution can be measured from a non residual value of plastic waste to a transformation of a Plastic Fuel (a valuable product / an Energy product for Power plant application and others).

To enhance a higher quality of Plastic Fuel solution, we must implement 5 elements of the Strategic Production management (Productivity, Efficiency, Flexibility, Speed-ability, Reliability) in Plastic Fuel solution.
Plastic Fuel Solution is viable to Energy source. This is a WIN WIN Solution. Every year the world population is always increasing and the trend / graphically is upward. The more population in the world, the more Electricity / Power are needed and the more plastic waste are generated.

The demand of Power/Electricity in the world is drastically increased and the Plastic waste are generated by the consumers on the earth are also drastically increased every year. I believe the quantity demanded of Power/Electricity will be much greater than the qty supplied of Plastic Fuel (The total qty supply of Plastic waste in the world which can be converted into Plastic Fuel (PF)).

Under Plastic Fuel solution, the problems which are created by the plastic waste in the world are solved.
Plastic Fuel solution is considered as the development of the method of recycled/up-cycled of plastic waste.
Plastic Fuel will have a good / positive impact to the environment (Save our planet) and good value added to Energy source.
Plastic Fuel Solution can be implemented from the smallest scale to the largest scale (from door to door plastic waste collection to nationally / world globally collection).
Plastic waste is created by the people on the earth and become the earth problem. Plastic Fuel solution can be collaborated with the other innovators (work together hand in hand) to create a better ecosystem of plastic waste management system and recycled/up-cycled management.