Registered Trash
short description
Registration of all materials, knowing who bought, sold and collected it, we managed to track and hold them accountable for undue acts ...
1.This idea is to pass the responsibility to who owns it [at all stages of the material, there is a responsible (producer, seller, consumer ...)]
1 a. Example: when you sell, it registers who bought it, if it plays in an undue place it will be responsible for both you will have an interest in playing in the right place and also an interest arises in knowing if the company that collects it is reliable or not and what they do may be liable if the garbage is not well "treated"
Intellectual Property Agreement
- IP is Open Sourced: Innovator will retain all intellectual property rights AND will release the intellectual property under an open source license. / PI es Fuente Abierta: Innovador retendrá todos los derechos de propiedad intelectual Y lanzará la propiedad intelectual bajo una licencia de código abierto.
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Team Name
Registered Trash
Innovativeness of Approach
Nowadays we talk about this problem, but no one takes it seriously so this idea is the solution to register to be able to track (knowing who did it, who bought it ...) giving the real responsibility to who used it (belongs / belonged)
* this is while the pain is of the other few care but if it happens to feel ...
[Quality of Solution]
This idea is obvious
1. Deploy the system (code) with responsibility and equality to all
Effective solution for giving the opportunity to offer responsibility to all
1. Garbage will not be thrown in undue
2. garbage awareness and more attention with this attracting more and more development
1. Making the system is easy
2. have to make rule turn to use (for that one has to work on top of government and the government even want a solution) (we all want the solution but always thinking that someone else does it that someone is responsible and the person himself does not nothing, but with this system changes, because she knows that she is responsible for what she plays)
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