Green Code
Green Code is a software and a global system That helps to manage and reduce plastic wastes all over the world.
by Green Code's team
It is a natural alternative to hard plastic containers that are used unnecessarily in cold-dry-safe environments in the food cold chain.
by hüseyin Kahraman
Plastic Trash Transformed to Building Materials
Plastic Trash Transformed in to High Graded Load-Bearing Fire Rated Building Materials
by Thor Gibson
Plastics that save water
Rainwater harvesting tanks by using recycled plastics
by Vinod Vino
Plastics for energy
The new ice wind vertical turbines made up of recycled plastics for creating electrical energy an alternative for wind blade turbines
by Vinod Vino
"Chambered bin at home"
Let us eliminate plastic waste entering the environment by "working at home" using 'Chambered bins' instead of existing normal one.
by Akshay logicminded
Plastic recycling
Each type of plastic mass will have a specific color. The large amount of plastic package will be sorted by color.
by Cristina Chelariu's team
Each person will become the owner of the bottles and will be identified by the barcode.
by Cristina Chelariu's team
Of the people by the people for the people
A rewarding opportunity, monthly winner or eligibility based, which could drive everyone to collect plastic near them.
by Zubair Ahmad
Plastic Roller
Plastic is rolled and based on the hardness, would be sorted into categories of hardness or softness to determine if it is recyclable.
by Ishaan Chaturvedi
Mammoth Waste
We use plastics and non-recyclable waste materials in the manufacturing process to manufacture the Mammoth building blocks.
by John O'Loughlin
I propose to leverage Tracer-Based Sorting (TBS) ; an innovative detection technology based for the sorting and management of recycling.
by Sanjith yeruva
by estinamir
Using incentives at local recycling plants.
Using small incentives such as coupons or other incentives to get people to recycle when they to the recycling plant
by Team splashdown
Organic plastic for mother nature
This idea involves decomposing of all the types of plastic present in the modern world .
by Tanush Bharadwaj
Waste Separation Factory
The factory identifies and separates all waste
by soheil taghavi

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