Ladies and gentlemen,

The HeroX platform started accepting entries on Thursday, April 19.
- You may now officially enter your idea/proposal.
- Please review the updated Guidelines ON A REGULAR BASIS:
- The Guidelines will be CONSTANTLY REVISED AND EDITED for clarity as Stage 1 advances.
- The Submission Form is very simple.
- The Challenge will get progressively more intense.
- You will have to answer questions from the Host, Jurors and Moderators and work with them and with other Innovators to develop collaborative business plans to create synergistic or symbiotic ecosystem solutions to include yours and their ideas/proposals.
- Entries remain "not verified" and they do not appear on the platform until they are determined to be either eligible or not eligible. Entries do not appear in the Entries tab automatically nor immediately.
- All entries will change from eligible (visible) to unverified (invisible) as we work with you and ask for more information or details.

Please monitor your entry and check your messages REGULARLY to update your entries accordingly.

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