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Simply Music Pianoˣ Challenge

Simply Music Pianoˣ Challenge

The Simply Music Pianoˣ Challenge aims to create VR glasses that allow you to view and play a virtual display of a piano keyboard.
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Challenge Overview


The HeroX team is partnering with Simply Music on the Pianoˣ Challenge and we want your input! As we move toward a solution, we welcome your input and thoughts on this challenge.


The goal of the Simply Music Pianoˣ Challenge is to create Virtual Reality (VR) glasses that allow you to view a virtual display of a piano keyboard, and play it in a similar manner to how you would a traditional piano or keyboard. Our commitment is to take virtual pianos to a whole new level, and create an instrument that is as easy to transport as a harmonica and, like a harmonica, can be played just about anywhere.


Piano and keyboard remains the dominant instrument in developed nations. Although the internet has clearly transformed how music lessons can be delivered, traditional methods of teaching piano have remained largely unchanged for centuries. As a result, learning piano, even at a recreational level, remains a struggle for many, if not most students. An entirely new approach to music education is desperately needed.

Unfortunately, even for those students who may have online access to new teaching methodologies, or succeed with traditional approaches to learning, the physical size and weight of the piano causes it to be extremely inaccessible as an easy-to-use and socially relevant instrument -- pianos are physically impractical and completely unportable. Even electronic keyboards are large and bulky and, for the most part, require permanent access to the power grid. As such, there are entire populations of people who simply have no access to an instrument to learn on and play.


The ultimate goal of the Simply Music Pianoˣ Challenge is to facilitate a breakthrough in creativity for humanity, by allowing students, performing artists, hobbyists, and recreational musicians a new means of creative expression without physical limitations. Combining the Simply Music methodology with a portable VR instrument will overcome barriers to education, performance, accessibility, and availability of the instrument. The solution to the Simply Music Pianoˣ Challenge will make this possible.

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