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2019 NCM VR Open Call X Reality

<NCM OPEN CALL> would like to embrace various kinds of innovative and challenging interpretations of virtualization.


'X REALITY,' implies a lot.

‘X Reality’, a new term that penetrates through all kinds of virtualization that not only includes VR(Virtual Reality), AR(Augmented Reality), and MR(Mixed Reality) but also encompasses XR(eXtened Reality, that broadens the perspectives of reality), CR(Cross Reality, that overlaps real and virtual world) and even unknown X, the undetermined and unpredictable. <NCM OPEN CALL> would like to embrace various kinds of innovative and challenging interpretations of virtualization.


<NCM OPEN CALL X REALITY> is an open festival.

As <NCM OPEN CALL> has been for the past three years, any contents that gives artistic and innovative interpretation on XR is qualified to be submitted regardless of the applicant’s s nationality, age, gender, or filed experiences. There is no limitation in platform, genre and theme. If you have a demonstration video and a playable build file that can identify the core intent of your work, you can submit the project even if it is still in its development phase. Fresh integration attempts such as virtual modern dance and theatric plays along with other contents that are already familiar with XR such as movies and games has filled previous <NCM OPEN CALL>s.


The application is from 1st July to on 31st August, 2019.

The total amount of the awards is 13 million KRW, which is 3 million KRW increased from last year. The winner of the most amazing and innovative virtual work will receive a prize of 5 million KRW while the winners for the best and the excellence in the categories of VR and AR will receive 3 million KRW and 1 million KRW respectively. The winners will be announced on 25th October 2019.


Winners’ would be provided with additional benefits

The winner will be given with a special opportunity to become the NCM Accelerator 2020 through further screening. <NCM Accelerator> is Nexon Computer Museum's annual sponsorship program that helps creators with creativity and independent content development skills continue their work in more stable environment. 8 teams that have been selected as the Accelerator for the past two years have received over 100 million KRW in total. Last year’s winner, <iNK Stories>, will receive about 20 million KRW worth of support in 2019. The opportunity for special exhibition at Nexon Computer Museum VR Zone is also provided. This is to give young developers and artists the chance to show their work in an independent space and to communicate through it with unspecified individuals.