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Connect Workout Buddies
short description
Use an app and an in-store "speed dating"-like meetup to connect workout buddies.
3. Opportunity: Which pillar of well-being, and which aspect of that particular pillar, are being addressed by the idea? In what way does it influence a pillar? What type of individual and community would benefit from the idea?
This will enable people to pursue their physical fitness goals with others in their community, at their skill level and interested in the same workout types as them. This will draw people to the store for the meet-up events and will continue to connect them between events using a mobile app.
4. Innovation: Why is your idea unique, novel, and/or impactful? What will the future look like if we’re successful in bringing your idea to life? How does the proposed solution differ from existing solutions addressing human well-being?
There is LOTS of ways for people to connect with dating, but not many with workout buddies.
5. Action Plan: Please justify and briefly describe the major steps needed to make this idea a reality. Does the technology and understanding exist now? Is it likely to exist in the next 3-5 years?
The technology certainly exists and the meetups could follow a format similar to speed dating, but it will be all about finding a tennis partner, or someone to do circuits with in the local park, or a jogging buddy.

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