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Himalayan Salt Inhalation Room
short description
A Himalayan salt inhalation room in a lululemon store is an excellent way for shoppers to cleanse their respiratory track as they destress
3. Opportunity: Which pillar of well-being, and which aspect of that particular pillar, are being addressed by the idea? In what way does it influence a pillar? What type of individual and community would benefit from the idea?
Customers can get away from the noisy concrete and cocoon themselves in this Himalayan salt inhalation room, which gives them the feeling of being in the Himalayas due to the Himalayan 360-degree wall projection.
4. Innovation: Why is your idea unique, novel, and/or impactful? What will the future look like if we’re successful in bringing your idea to life? How does the proposed solution differ from existing solutions addressing human well-being?
This idea is unique because I believe people don't always have to be physical when it comes to wellbeing: mind & body. Instead, the Lululemon community is already so physically active that it's good for their mind and body to relax for a few minutes and take a deep breath. A space to unwind and recharge is sometimes the best foundation for the wellbeing of body & mind.
5. Action Plan: Please justify and briefly describe the major steps needed to make this idea a reality. Does the technology and understanding exist now? Is it likely to exist in the next 3-5 years?
Lululemon should provide a Himalayan salt-heated, temperature-controlled relaxation room. The customers will get the feeling of being in the Himalayas, by using a Himalayan 360-degree wall projection. This 360-degree wall projection technology is existing and is overtaking wallpapers. It is more trendy and easy to change the scenarios. It makes it look more realistic and let shoppers get away from the noisy concrete and cocoon themselves in this Himalayan salt inhalation room. It is very likely to still exist in the upcoming years, as it just started to become a trend.

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