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Goal Posts: Goals, inspiration, and connection!
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Use technology to set goals, inspire, and connect (& boost sales!) Requires a simple app and/or in-store kiosks to post to social media.
3. Opportunity: Which pillar of well-being, and which aspect of that particular pillar, are being addressed by the idea? In what way does it influence a pillar? What type of individual and community would benefit from the idea?
An app and/or kiosk geared towards posting goals (and possibly accomplishments) addresses primarily the Mind and Community aspects. Research shows that goal-setting leads to better outcomes and communicating those goals creates accountability and a team environment (we are in this together!) Lululemon can encourage its customers by giving them a platform (a moderated lululemon social media account) to post their goals and a selfie or stock image via the app and/or kiosk.
4. Innovation: Why is your idea unique, novel, and/or impactful? What will the future look like if we’re successful in bringing your idea to life? How does the proposed solution differ from existing solutions addressing human well-being?
This idea is innovative because it enables every lululemon customer to be an "influencer" even if they don't have thousands of followers of their own. They will be promoting themselves and their desire to be healthy, but they will also promote the lululemon brand (they will be wearing something lululemon or using company stock images.) By being able to tag themselves, and share the posts to their own accounts, they can connect with others and post updates.
5. Action Plan: Please justify and briefly describe the major steps needed to make this idea a reality. Does the technology and understanding exist now? Is it likely to exist in the next 3-5 years?
The technology to do this absolutely exists today, the app could likely be finished in a matter of months and an in-store kiosk using the same technology plus a photobooth wouldn't take much longer. iPhone 11's have a great portrait mode that would work well for these posts. The Goal Posts feature could also be added to an existing app. The Goal Posts could be used not only online, but in advertising including electronic billboards. (The app and kiosk would include an agreement allowing lululemon to use the content.) Posts would need to be moderated to make sure they are consistent with the Goal Posts project guidelines.

Scenario: Customer goes into a lululemon store, tries on an outfit and is feeling confident and happy, and decides to do a Goal Post. They type their goal into the app or kiosk interface, add their name, email, social media accounts if they want to be tagged, hashtags(?), take a selfie or select a lululemon stock photo, accept the agreement, and submit the post to a moderator. They should receive an acceptance or rejection email within x minutes or hours including a link to the post so they can see and share it. If they entered a target date with their goal submission, lululemon could send a targeted encouraging email as that date approaches.

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