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Meet Lu! Lululemons newest personal stylist!
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A Physical interactive screen to virtually try clothes with filtered selections fitting guest's environment, characteristics, and likings.
3. Opportunity: Which pillar of well-being, and which aspect of that particular pillar, are being addressed by the idea? In what way does it influence a pillar? What type of individual and community would benefit from the idea?
This product positively affects a person's mind by reducing the stress level of finding clothes and accessories suitable for their liking and needs. By reducing their time in fitting rooms, they are capable of spending more time shopping and enjoying options offered by the store. The screens will provide several fashion styles created by other Lululemon's shoppers based on items selected by the customer.
4. Innovation: Why is your idea unique, novel, and/or impactful? What will the future look like if we’re successful in bringing your idea to life? How does the proposed solution differ from existing solutions addressing human well-being?
Our idea uniquely gives the customer options to submit their location, or future location, along with other personal detail such as specific styles, fabric, colors of their liking. These submissions allow Lu to sort of Lululemon's product to personally fit the customer. The customer will use this product to try on clothes on a physical mannequin that is adjustable by the customer using the previous characteristic added. The mirror screens will also work as marketing features when not in use.
5. Action Plan: Please justify and briefly describe the major steps needed to make this idea a reality. Does the technology and understanding exist now? Is it likely to exist in the next 3-5 years?
This product consists of several screen panels aligned to a fit wall inside of the store. Together these panels will work as a single screen displaying Lululemon's promotions, sales, or new arrivals. When in use, a customer will tap on a touch-screen portion on one of the panels which will then cut from the ad and show Lu, the personal stylist. Meanwhile, the other screens will continue to show marketing features. Inside of the personal stylist, questionnaire and virtual options will be the key features of the product. Based on the answers of the questionnaire, the product will create a virtual mannequin fitting the descriptions inputted by the customer. The customer will then be able to choose specific clothes and accessories to fit on the mannequin. The screen will allow for pop-ups that show the customer to their options as well as other recommendations and reviews from previous customers. We believe that with the technology offered today this product is capable of being made with most of its features already being used by other stores or by apps used on daily devices.

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