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Innovation Catalyst Gives You The Tools To Build Powerfully Profitable New Products -- ESPECIALLY Right Now
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A Step-By-Step Framework Proven To Work For The World’s Largest Companies (IBM, Google, Intel) and Startups Alike. Innovation Catalyst Will Help You Deliver New Revenue and Tangible, Forward-Looking Solutions During Times Of Great Change.


For the past decade, Invincible Innovation has synthesized the collective wisdom from hundreds of the world’s fastest-growing startups, as well as leaders in the tech industry – all gathered from direct experience…

Now, with Innovation Catalyst, you and your organization can learn firsthand what’s really working today to deliver ingeniously innovative products that your customers will instantly fall in love with – and happily purchase – so that you can produce outstanding business outcomes.

It’s not theory. Innovation Catalyst is a hands-on masterclass in pragmatic innovation… and at the end of it, you WILL have a solid new Tested Solution – and probably a whole lot more.



Times Of Great Change Require Bold Leaders

…Are You Ready To Break Away From The Pack, Sharpen Your Competitive Advantage, And Blaze A Trail Of Disruption Through Your Competitors?

Innovation Catalyst will give you the chance to work one on one with Adi and her proven  tools for strategic – yet insanely practical – innovation to create a new value proposition for your business… One which is actually validated and primed for successful sales and delivery.

Make no mistake. This is not like a 3-5 day Design Sprint workshop that generates a lot of positive emotions and brainstorming ideas, but the staged “sticky-notes party” energy falls flat after a couple of weeks, and nothing actually changes in the long-term…
Instead, this is more like a “Design Ironman” – you will need to be serious about long-term innovation and creating a real, viable product. And as such, Innovation Catalyst isn’t for everyone.



Do You Have What It Takes To Break Through Your Current Plateaus?

Innovation Catalyst involves working for several weeks on challenging mental and hands-on tasks that really challenge you to innovate — then turn your ideas into a real viable product. This is for true entrepreneurial leaders who have embraced the startup path to rapid growth.
You must be willing to get “hands-on” and want to be in the top 1% of innovators.



And The Only Question Is… Are You Ready For Change?