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Energy Absorbing Breakwater

Energy, Environment & Resources , Engineering , Technology

PSH projects requires energy costs to fill the top storage reservoir. We have a solution and for this we need only the sea and the waves!

We have developed and are offering to your attention a new technology in the segment of conversion of wave energy. Wind waves are the most concentrated and permanent (and therefore promising) of all known renewable energy sources. 
Today there are many techniques to convert ocean energy, but they all have a common drawback. The main difference is in the dynamic scheme. All known concepts try to transform wave energy to the oscillatory movement of the working mechanisms In our opinion, this is not efficient, owing to the fact that there is loss of energy to overcome the alternating loads arising due to the negative influence of the force of inertia. Obviously, it is for this reason in the world that today there are no active industrial plants for converting wave energy.  Our technology enables you to convert wave energy into rotation of working mechanism immediately. Entire energy of the waves is aimed at the design rotation, consequently all design is fly-wheel and the force of inertia has a positive effect. 

The authors of many projects in the wave energy sector were able provide investors with amazing economic calculations. They are united by one thing in common: they were all very ambitious and costly. The trouble is that none of them was unable to confirm its technical viability. 
Our intentions are more pragmatic - we want to present to the market a small but efficient equipment. And only then to begin scaling.