Safety swarm


by Jaideep Sundaram | Feb. 15, 2018
Flying drones to save lives during emergency situations.

A safety swarm is a collection of varying-sized flying drones that can be automatically deployed upon detecting certain emergency situations (pulled fire alarm, gunfire, explosion, etc.).  


A typical application would be at schools (elementary, middle, high, college, university, etc.) or at large events (e.g.: convention centers, outdoor festivals, sporting events, etc.).


  • Some drones would be tasked with monitoring the perimeter of the location.
  • Some drones would be tasked with patrolling the hallways, corridors, lobbies, entrances/exits, etc.)
  • Some drones would be tasked with silently guiding people away from danger.
  • Some drones would be tasked with triangulating and locating the source of gunfire/explosion.
  • Some drones would carry paint for tagging the perpetrator(s).
  • Some drones would carry mace for incapacitating the perpetrator(s).
  • The drones should relay all audio and video to a central server where AI and image processing could interpret the data.
  • The central server could communicate with the school/event security, city & county police departments.