Matematical Principles Of The Philosofhy Of Human Conduct

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by Luis Downton | Jan. 2, 2019
Newton ordained the Universe by creating his Laws, Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, so we must do it with human behavior.

Isaac Newton established the law of Universal Gravitation and established the principles of Classical Mechanics with their laws published in Century XVII among other important works.  With his laws he was able to give order to the Movement of the bodies in the Universe, he could predict the location of each celestial body in the Universe, this required an unparalleled ingenuity.

 This is the challenge and transcendence that we assume is established the Mathematical Principles of the Philosophy of Human Conduct.  A law that explains the past, present and future of the individual and social behavior of the human would allow us to control our emotional impulses and even avoid wars.  We could control the so-called low emotions, Envy, Hate, Cruelty, Egoism, Evil, etc. And it could facilitate a life full of joy and kindness.

 Many will think that it is impossible, because the human being has his free will, and since emotions and feelings are an essential part of it, since it is not possible to quantify them, it is not possible to establish the laws that govern them but any philosophers, psychologists, neurologists think that it is absolutely possible.