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Cellular Rejuvenation

Engineering , Healthcare , Science , Technology

by Robin | Dec. 30, 2018
Instead of trying to clear senescent cells from the human body this prize would be focused on rejuvenating those cells to a youthful state.

While there has been a lot of discussion and focus on the idea of clearing senescent cells to reduce the impact and slow the aging process, this prize would be focused instead on finding a means to rejuvenate aging senescent cells in humans in-vivo.

One of the goals would be to effectively turn back the clock and rejuvenate shortened telomere senescent cells to a youthful, fully functional, state. 

The winner would have to demonstrate a measurable and meaning full level of rejuvenation more than one cell type. 

A period of monitoring and tracking would be required to ensure cell survival and division as well as the cell's propensity toward cancer development. 

The cells would also require monitoring for accelerated re-aging relative to baseline in-vivo cells.