Digital Bank that helps poor entrepreneurs issue IOU's as a medium of exchange and use it as money. Entrepreneurs can finance each other.

Money is just a promise to pay as well as a medium of exchange. Imagine that entrepreneurs can make their own money while they use it to sell or buy as well as financing each other in the process. The process is as follows.

George has cows and milks them, Frank is a cheese maker and Robert is a farmer who has tomatoes.

George sells the milk to Frank. Frank issues an IOU to George. 

George endorses this IOU (if Frank doesn't pay it then George will). 

George buys tomatoes from Robert and pays Robert with Frank's IOU. 

Robert goes to Frank and buys some cheese and pays Frank with the same IOU that Frank issued. Frank destroys his IOU since he fulfilled his promise to pay. This way there will be no inflation and entrepreneurs can sell and buy as well as finance each other using their own word as currency. People who are not entrepreneurs can use this IOU's as currency. 

That is the basic idea.

Now imagine an app that can validate all this transactions. The app will act as a bank to compensate all IOU's at the end of the day.

A large insurance company will have to sell life insurance to each entrepreneur to warranty the IOU's and in addition it will sell to each entrepreneur an insurance policy that will cover his own IOU's up to a certain amount depending upon the entrepreneur capacity to pay his IOU's. This will create a new market for insurance companies.