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Energy, Environment & Resources

by Maze | Dec. 25, 2018
Design a network of Atmospheric water generators to function in the driest places on earth that are populated by people.

The idea isto develop a network of Atmospheric water condensers that can generate water continuously from the air by technology and powered by solar panels.  They must be low Maintanence, continues production 24/7.  System must be infrastructure free, hence can be planted anywhere and it produces water.  Has to produce at least 3000 L a day.  

  • Larissa Dawn Feb. 22, 2019, 1:56 a.m. PST
    Huge item costs along with vast energy consumption are the drawbacks of atmospheric water generation. Utilization of pre-existing desalination strategies and resourceful means for water acquirement directly from the nature should work out to be the greatest business restriction. Likewise; upkeep costs, money related speculations, and influence utilization are the key factors that influence purchasers' decisions, inhibiting market flow.