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Education , Technology

by Li Yunzhong | Sept. 26, 2018
I didn't go to college because I saw a lot of animal abuses and insults from Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences on the

The realm of imagination; constructed a systematic theory of imagination, at least for now, which seemed to be very useful to me, from which I was always able to create and discover many new things.

The realm of theory; not only physical theory, but also many undeveloped realms where new theories can be made, I have always believed that finite theory cannot describe the infinite possibilities of the world.

In the field of technology, our theory should not only be nearly perfect, but also be applied in real time, so as to improve efficiency and serve others and improve the social environment.

I hope that every challenger can master enough manufacturing technology as I do. It is not difficult. Only when individuals master almost all manufacturing technology, can they realize their theory and verify their theory in the fastest and shortest time.

The field of invention; new technology is bound to produce many new inventions, which are the most direct result, and these inventions on the basis of the above can be achieved by the mind.

In the field of production, only by spreading our personal achievements can our challenges become final success.