Design OUR HeroX XTORE & ProductX!

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by X | Sept. 26, 2018
we become what we THINK about... we become what we WEAR too...

WHY I AM submitting this IDEA (the philosophical):

  • I once told a 95 year old comicbook LEGEND that he changed my LIFE!
  • For many, HEROX is & will do the same.
  • It is those ONE-of-a-KIND spaces which cultivates the POWER of our COLLECTIVE MINDX - in it's own & ORIGINAL crowdsourcing way.
  • There is a SuperHero in UX all - big & small!!
  • It's really that SIMPLE & all...

WHY I AM submitting this IDEA (the biz end):

  • Brands become TRULY GLOBAL when:
    • SuperHeroX demand product (in this scenario - coupled with CREATE).
    • When SuperHeroX wear the brand ... AKA "Total Immersion"!
  • It is known as a WALKING BILLBOARD (in this instance - for Worldwide SOCIAL IMPACT!)
  • A HEROX XTORE plus Team "Creation & Consumption Of" will:
    • drive/build/define brand MESSAGE & AWARENESS (building on current)
    • foster & GROW the COMMUNITY thru Collective XTORYTELLING (challenge driven)
    • provide revenue to ENHANCE the HeroX BREAKTHROUGHX Mission!!


Because I LOVE HeroX & I AM guessing you do too! ;-)