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Ultra light propeller blade angel increaser


by IFLY KATSBY Corp | Aug. 21, 2018
I designed a mechanical system that change the angle of the blade in the propeller and it’s ultra light and easy to build 5183608927

This mechanism manually change the angel of the blades in the propeller even while the propeller is turning at max speed

this mechanism will help levitate from the ground easily and while in the flight permit the engine the run at comfortably by adapting the blade to the flight  

  • Joseph Schmidt Sept. 19, 2018, 9:12 p.m. PDT
    Does this take into account the extra stress a motor will experience when trying to turn the rotating blades? Usually, when an external force tries to rotate a gyroscope (or spinning object) the spinning object will resist. In this case the spinning object will be the blade, so you may need a lot of force to turn the propellers, expecially when the speed is max speed.