Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Government , Technology

by Joy Shah | Aug. 18, 2018
Plastic is manufactured by large corporations. It must be made mandatory to collect 80%+ plastic items produced by them for reuse/ recycle.

Plastic is produced by large companies.  It is converted to useful products and sold to consumers.  Consumer is using for once and discard it to waste die to low cost. It isixed with different waste making it's degradation/ separation/ disposal difficult. 

Responsible use is essential.  It will not be possible unless manufacturers tighten their belts to reduce,  reuse and recycle. 

Like many other products,  bye back of plastic products or discount on Return of used product must be madandetory. Else the expected disposal cost should be taxed to manufacture. All regulatory authorities need to come together to make bye back regulations for responsible usage else must be taxed to bring discipline. 

It is possible to regulate,  reduce,  reuse,  recycle of this product through responsible regulators. Esp.  in era of Industry 4.0.

Once product is return back after use,  reuse and recycle options to be worked out by manufacturers.