Micro- farming with Robotics

Data Science , Drones , Energy, Environment & Resources , Engineering

by Monty Pintok | July 7, 2018
I'd like to combine the concept of robotics, automation and agriculture to make a facility that grows plants regulating every detail.

Data on specific plant species could be applied giving the best possible environment for processing plants. The automation system would involve a roving robot that distributes the proper amount of nutrients, ph balance. The facilty would have the temperature regulated to prime condition of light cycle and humidity co2 and O2 levels. The roving robot would be automated and controlled depending on the species of plant and the amount of material it requires to grow. This technique would also allow the facility to harvest year round without the needs for pesticides or human resources. In the end, the harvesting could be done either by hand or by automation as well. This would give way to setting up purely automated facilities and help fight widespread hunger.